Cool MySpace DIV Layouts

Okay let me guess. You put "cool myspace layouts" into Google and you got bait-and-switched up the ying-yang. Instead of a fine collection of chic and clever web designs, you found a bunch of cheesy knockoffs that any blithering idiot could have jammed out in a few seconds with his eyes half closed.

So enough of that rinky-dink crapola. Let's do something out of the ordinary here.

First let's do away with the default MySpace layout and use a novel 3 column overlay. We'll line up the navigation links vertically on the left menu-style, put your pic, blurb and videos in the middle and your top friends space on the right.

Now let's snazz the whole thing up with a hot header background I photoshopped from a pic I snapped on the TransCanada highway en route to Toronto last fall.

Put all that together and this is what you get:


Now I think that's pretty cool.

What do you think?

But wait the best is yet to come...

This MySpace DIV layout also accomodates having a music player installed if you so desire. Plus all your friends comments sit below everything else in an ultra-wide space so that your buddies can go ape posting pics six miles long (okay maybe not that long but long enough, believe me).

And yes this may look a little more complex that your usual run-of-the-mill "cool" MySpace layout but it's actually very easy to install. Going for a professional look shouldn't have to mean plowing through a morass of hifalutin jibber-jabber web coding. Right?

Alright then, ready to do this thing?

On with the show...

That's it, that's all.

Told ya it'd be a cinch.

There are however some TERMS OF USE you are required to adhere to.

Also, I keep a close watch on this cool MySpace layout (and all other overlays on this site) to make sure the code is in good order and will display properly on MySpace profiles. All updates to the CSS code will be logged on the Rob Thunder Changelog page.

So who the heck makes all these fabulous DIV overlays available? Find out here. (Add me as a friend!)

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