Cute MySpace DIV Layouts

Okay I'm assuming by cute MySpace layouts you mean something airy, attractive and appealing as opposed to something pink, puerile and prepubescent. If so then this premade DIV layout for MySpace is just the thing to dainty up your profile without having to resort to the usual glitz and glitter.

First of all, to see what you're getting into, here's a screenshot:


This polished 3 column web template starts off with a header background made from a photo I snapped of some Purple Fountain Grass at the Toronto City Hall (September 2007). It then separates your profile's content below into 3 columns placing your navigation links on the left, your pic and blurb in the middle and your top friends section on the right.

Finally, at the bottom appears your friends comments section. This is spread out across the page to create some extra elbow room for those friends of yours who just love to post pics eight miles wide (which would normally blow away your layout's column alignment but in this case it won't).

So do you have to be some kind of brainiac to install this cute MySpace DIV layout?


Just follow these 5 easy steps and you'll be up and running in a few minutes:


That wasn't too bad, now was it?

And if you'd like to tell me how all the MySpace layouts on this site are just the cutest things you ever saw (and also how modest I am... hee hee), you are most welcome to post your comments on the Rob Thunder feedback page.

And yes this is a freebie as long as you respect these TERMS OF USE.

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