STEP 1 - Enter a heading
Use the text box below to enter a brief heading, display name, title (whatever) for your page:
STEP 2 - Insert your photo
Here's how to do this.
  1. Upload your photo to a free image host like Photobucket or ImageShack.
  2. Get the URL (copy the 'Direct link to image' URL)
  3. Copy-and-paste the URL into the text box below:


  1. Click here to use NO PHOTO
  2. Click here to use the image below Placeholder photo (begonias)
STEP 3 - Write a short blurb
Use the text box below to get down with your bad self and write a short descriptive blurb about who you are (or whatever you like...). Simply press Enter on your keyboard twice whenever you want to make a new paragraph or once to create a single line break. Copy-and-paste a YouTube video code at the end of your blurb if you like.

Your profile has a MySpace music player?
Yes     No
STEP 4 - Enter your MySpace friend ID
For this step, you'll need your friend ID in order to generate the proper hyperlinks in the 'MY STUFF' menu so that people can add you as a friend, send you messages and stuff like that there. To get your friend ID, do the following:
  1. Go to your MySpace account home page (assuming you're logged in).
  2. Click on 'View Profile'
  3. Once your profile page has loaded, look at the URL in the address bar of your web browser. Your friend ID will be a series of numbers appearing right after friendid=. Here's an example showing my friend ID highlighted in red: fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=49246637

  4. Copy-and-paste your friend ID into the text box below:


Now just click the button below:

STEP 5 - Copy-and-Paste

Alrighty then, so assuming you're still logged in, CLICK HERE to open your MySpace Edit Profile screen in a new window.

And... bup bup bup!... Hang on a sec there!

Before you proceed to pimp your page into the land of kick ass profiles, you should...



Copy-and-paste this code into the Who I'd Like to Meet text box:

Click on 'Save All Changes' and then click on the 'View My Profile' link.

point-left-bw-small (1K) How to remove the tag
Would you like to deck out your profile with one of these quality DIV layouts and have no Rob Thunder MySpace Overlays tag in the top left corner?
point-right-bw-small (1K)  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION...
NO THANK YOU. By clicking here, I signify my full agreement to the TERMS OF USE which means I will display the preinstalled Rob Thunder MySpace Overlays tag on my MySpace profile. By violating these linking rules, I fully understand that I am committing copyright infringement, and am in breach of contract - therefore SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION.