Girly MySpace DIV Layouts

There is no sacred rule that says all girly MySpace layouts have to be dripping with gobs of glitter, falling hearts and every cheesy tweenage tweak available on the face of the internet. Here's a classy MySpace DIV layout made for all those of the female persuasion who are looking for something a little more mature.

This professional 3 column overlay puts all your MySpace links on the left, your main content (i.e., your blurb and photo) in the middle and your top friends space on the right.

And what's that you say? Tired of your peeps posting ultra-wide pics to your comments section and blowing your layout to smithereens? Well hey let's just shift your entire friends comments box below everything else and then make it a whopping 750 pixels wide (and hey... if your pals still want to post pics bigger than that then well... they've got issues, right?)

The header background in this MySpace overlay started out as a photo I took of some flowers (begonias to be exact) that I grew a couple of summers ago. I then ran the photo through Paint Shop Pro to tweak it up all girly-like (ewwwww! cooties! yuck!... *ahem*... heh heh... just kidding...)

Soooooo... Is this layout hard to install?

Nope. The super easy 5-step installation process outlined below will walk you through it chop-chop.

But first of all, you'll want to see what you're getting into so here's a screenshot of the layout:


You like?

Alrighty then let's get on with the installation...

So did you survive?

By the way, if you'd like to tell me how fantabulous this all was, I'd be glad to hear about it. Go here now and post a comment. I won't bite. (Not on the first date anyway...hee hee...)

Ultra-mega Serious Dept.

In case you're wondering why you're getting all this for free, you are officially required to abide by the Rob Thunder TERMS OF USE.

Who-the-heck-am-I Dept.

And you may also be wondering, who exactly is Rob Thunder?


Is there a Rob Thunder?


Is his name just Rob and he added the 'Thunder' part because he thought it would be cute?...

Errrr... uhhh... manly. Manly.

Yeah that's what I meant to say.... heh heh...


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