MySpace Music DIV Layouts

These MySpace Music DIV layouts should not be confused with those that are compatible with MySpace music profiles (sorry). In fact, making a DIV layout for a band profile is quite different from making one for a regular profile (and the reasons why would require a ton of technobabble which I'm sure you'd rather not have to plow through).

My debut in the Rob Thunder collection of premade DIV overlays with a musical theme is this background I cooked up from a photo of a friend's jazz amp. This 3 column tableless design employs a professional-looking layout by putting the navigational links vertically in the left column, your content (which can include Youtube videos) in the middle and your top friends space on the right.

Your friends comments ride below all of that in an extra wide comment section that permits your pals to post ginamagantic pics (and you know they will) without spreading your page out to kingdom come.

Any column in this DIV overlay can be the longest so it doesn't matter if you have 40 or 4 friends showing or if your content column contains 10 music videos (if that's what it takes to rock your socks).

Here's a screenshot:


As for the installation of this MySpace DIV layout, it's a snap. Five easy steps and you're all done.

Okely-dokely, let's get right to it...

Groovy, eh?

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Also, as you can probably tell by now, a lot of work goes into all these overlays here at

Hence, since this better than your typical bait-and-switch and loaded with ton of colossal crap and popup-ads layout site, one and all who visit Rob Thunder and/or use these layouts are required to abide by these TERMS OF USE.

In a nutshell, it's a simple and standard barter system involving the Rob Thunder corner tag and text link leading back to this site that comes pre-installed in all my DIV overlays. Don't modify those in any way, shape or form and you may use this MySpace music layout for free.

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