Nature MySpace DIV Layouts

Having done a lot of gardening over the years, many of the photos I've taken have been of fruits of my labor, so to speak, of which many of those got converted into backgrounds for MySpace pages. Naturally (pun intended), a lot of the layouts I've done could be easily classified as nature MySpace layouts.

This page will kick off my foray here on Rob Thunder into a series of premade MySpace DIV overlays with a natural theme, i.e., landscape layouts, forest layouts, etcetera.

The header background in the layout below is a cloudscape over Lake Ontario (from a photo I snapped atop the CN Tower last summer). The page then gets split up into 3 columns with your links on the left, your pic and blurb in the center and your top friends on the right. All of this is created using a tableless design which means using DIV instead of TABLE elements for the HTML (hence DIV layout).

As for your friends comments, this is pushed to the bottom and allowed to span the entire page to make for lots of breathing space for those good buddies of yours who like to post ginormous pics in your comments.

Here's a screenshot:


Any column can be the longest in this overlay meaning it doesn't matter if you have eight or 40 people in your top friends. This layout also accomodates Youtube videos and/or having a MySpace music player installed.

Speaking of installation, you may be wondering if you have to fiddle with any hifalutin HTML mumbo jumbo in order to get your top friends box happening and the answer is a resounding no. This overlay (like all others here at automatically works your default top friends space into the layout so that won't be an issue.

In fact, you'll be able to install the whole shebang into your profile following these five easy steps:


Aw c'mon now.. It wasn't that bad now was it?

Hey tell you what.

Instead of me making assumptions why don't you post your feedback here.

And yes you may use this nature MySpace layout for free but you are required to abide by the Rob Thunder TERMS OF USE.

And no, I'm not asking for the moon (just your first born child)...

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Kidding! Just kidding!...

Okay seriously (very seriously now) all you have to do to respect the terms of use is to keep the Rob Thunder corner tag and text links in your installed layout to help send traffic back to my site.

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Soooo.... who runs this website and labors night and day over this fine collection of MySpace DIV overlays? Find out here. (Add me as a friend!)

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