Unique MySpace DIV Layouts

Okay how about something truly unique? MySpace layouts these days typically consist of a bunch of ripped off celebrity pics quickly slapped together with some gaudy, two-bit CSS font color codes and that's it, that's all. You've probably realized by now that most MySpace layout sites (and even MySpace DIV layout sites) are not out to dazzle you with any virtuoso displays of creativity or originality.

Okay so let's exit stage left with that noise and move on to something completely different.

Here's a special three column MySpace overlay with a 100% original header background made from a photo I snapped in downtown Montreal last summer (of course I tweaked it a little bit using Paint Shop Pro).

This web design is actually a hybrid of a design I originally made for one of my up-and-coming web development info sites. I liked the design so much that I decided to clone the idea and offer it up here at Rob Thunder as a MySpace DIV overlay layout... (Ain't I nice?)

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a screenshot of this overlay in effect on one of my test profiles:


You like? Good!

And hey don't sweat it. This layout is really easy to install.

Let's git busy...


No muss, no fuss, eh?

Heh heh... Now who said installing a MySpace overlay was only for geeks and propellor heads?

And why am I supplying this quality layout for free? Because you, my friend, are going to respect the Rob Thunder TERMS OF USE and help send traffic back to my site. Right?

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