Vintage MySpace DIV Layouts

And yet another category that has somehow become very loosely defined on the web is "vintage MySpace layouts". However, the dictionary officially defines 'vintage' as representing the high quality of a past time so that's the definition will stick with here.

The DIV MySpace layout on this page has a kind of a Christmas/Winter thing going on. The background is derived from an old Library of Congress photo of a classic painting. And by the way, this is one of the few times you'll see me using a photo that I did not take personally with my own digital camera to make a MySpace background.

The overlay itself is divided into three columns. On the left go all your MySpace navigation links (Home, Browse, Search, etc), in the middle column goes your pic and your blurb (supports Youtube videos), and on the right you'll have your top friends space.

Here's a screenshot of this MySpace overlay installed on one of my test profiles:


As you can see, this overlay is fully compatible with the MySpace music player (if you wish to have one installed) which will sit just above your top friends box.

Any column in this layout can be the longest so it doesn't matter if you have 8 or forty people in your top friends space or if you have a ton of videos in your blurb section (middle column). Regardless of column length, your friends comments section will continually ride below everything else and will be spread page wide to allow for lots of room to maneuver. This is especially convenient for those pals of yours who like to wish you well with giant glitter pics (which means no more spreading your layout out of proportion).

And you'll be happy to know that installing this DIV overlay does not involve having to manually enter a bunch of codes to create your top friends space as this layout will allow the default friend space created by to show through.

Hence, I've managed to get the installation process down to five easy steps.

You game?

Alright then, it's on!

Let's start with...

All finished.

Now that wasn't too much of a strain on the old noggin', now was it?

By the way, if you'd like to post some feedback on your taxing and laborious experience, feel free to post a comment here.

Also, if you haven't already, read the Rob Thunder TERMS OF USE. (SHORT VERSION: You may use this layout for free as long as the Rob Thunder corner tag and text link remain intact.)

And if you'd like to find out exactly who I am and what I'm all about, check out my MySpace profile here. (Add me as a friend!)

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