Warning: May contain some technobabble

Regarding my Ultra-Easy MySpace Overlay: This morning I noticed that MySpace threw me a curve ball by suddenly inserting a couple of <br> tags in each blog entry in the blog entry table. Internet Explorer and Opera handled this fine but the Firefox web browser, on the other hand, had a litter of kittens over this and decided to not treat this as inline content (which it rightfully should). Hence the 'shrink font-size/line-height' trick I used to allow people to install the overlay without having to delete their blog posts (see my MySpace blog for more info) no longer worked in Firefox and resulted in the overlay displaying too low in this browser.

The overlay generator has been updated to correct this glitch. All those who installed this layout prior to today's date will have to return to my Ultra-Easy MySpace Overlay generator and take a quick run through it again and then reinstall the layout code to their profiles.

This is assuming that you're concerned about how your profile looks in Firefox (or any other Gecko-based browser like Netscape or Seamonkey). If you're not concerned, then well, don't worry about it because as I said, it doesn't affect the display in Internet Explorer (or Opera).


It was suggested to provide a link that could allow users to access their pics page and I thought this was such a good suggestion (and an obvious oversight on my part) that I incorporated this feature into the overlay at the same time I was correcting the Firefox glitch. If you have my overlay installed and you would like to have a 'View More Pics' link, simply take a quick run through the overlay generator again and reinstall the layout code.

That's it for now..


~ Rob

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