Hi there!

Here is the SHORT VERSION of this post:

I really enjoy reading your feedback on my MySpace DIV layouts and/or seeing one of my layouts in action on your profile. Go to the bottom of this page and post some feedback. Let me know what's up.


Be advised that this page is strictly for feedback (or technical support). Because there is not enough free time in my day to respond to them, all custom code requests WILL BE DELETED.

Humble apologies.


And here is the LONG VERSION:

If you installed one of these DIV layouts and it installed correctly and the end product looked like the screenshot provided on the DIV layout page you got it from then well, as far as I'm concerned, that's pretty much 'mission accomplished' as the saying goes. I apologize but I simply do not have time to do more. Not on a personal level anyway.

So be advised that if you make a post that goes something like this:

"can u give me the code to remove the top friends"



And I can't start making judgement calls where I reply to you because your custom code request is fairly quick and easy to handle but I completely ignore others because their custom code requests are more difficult (and time consuming). This wouldn't be fair. If I did this, eventually people would start complaining saying, "Hey! You helped that guy but you didn't help me! What gives?!?"


So it's either reply to ALL custom code requests or reply to NONE. And I don't have time to reply to all custom code requests. It's that simple. It's nothing personal. I simply DON'T HAVE TIME. I'm so sorry. That's the nature of MySpace. It's immensely popular. So when you put up a layout site like this, you get bombarded with requests on how to customize MySpace pages.

Now... What I'm very interested in is either:

  1. Just some straight feedback (you like my layouts, you don't like my layouts, suggestions for improvements, etc)


  1. If you installed one of my layouts and it didn't install correctly and/or it did not look like the screenshot on the DIV layout page you got it from. In this situation, the answer is YES I WANT TO HELP YOU.



Otherwise, once again, your comment will most likely just get deleted.

And if you want to make absolutely doubly sure that your comment does not get deleted and/or you would like to do your part to help reduce my workload, please read the feedback page posting guidelines and the FAQ page.

That's it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Alright then... Let 'er rip.

(Last updated: October 3rd, 2008)

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