Official Rob Thunder FAQ

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding my MySpace DIV layouts and the layout generators:

  1. How do I remove the Rob Thunder corner tag and layout credit link?

    Read this.
  2. The boxes in the DIV layout generator are greyed out and I can't enter anything.

    All the DIV layout generators are launched (become activated) by starting with step #1.
  3. I installed your layout but the links to my pics / blog / messages / whatever don't work or only go to the MySpace home page.

    You did not enter the proper friend ID in the appropriate box in the layout installation form. Your friend ID is a series of numbers only (usually 7-9 digits long). Doublecheck that you have the right friend ID. Then doublecheck it again. If you still can't get your links to work, post the friend ID you used along with your MySpace URL to my feedback page.
  4. My picture isn't showing up.

    You used the wrong image URL from Photobucket or ImageShack. The correct URL to use is called 'direct link to image'.

    The easiest and quickest way to check if you have the right image URL is to copy-and-paste the URL into the address bar of your web browser and then hit GO. If your web browser loads your image (and only your image and nothing else) then you have the correct image URL. If see a Photobucket or ImageShack page instead then you used the wrong URL.
  5. I installed your plain black / plain white MySpace DIV layout and the music player isn't working.

    These layouts were not intended to be compatible with the MySpace music player. Although some people (see the feedback page) have managed to get the music player working with these layouts, I don't officially provide technical support for this so DON'T ASK. Only the new three-column MySpace DIV layouts (see menu on right) were created with the intent to support the MySpace music player.
  6. My top friends space is displaying too low.

    You checked 'Yes' for the music player option in the installation process and you don't have a music player installed on your profile.
  7. My music player is superimposed over my top friends space.

    You selected 'No' for the music player option in the installation process and you have a music player installed on your profile OR you installed a MySpace music player after you installed the layout. To correct this, set up your music player, then run through the layout generator, select 'YES' for the music player option and then install the layout code.
  8. My top friends space is displaying way, way too low, like below my blurb. However, I'm only seeing this in Firefox.

    This is probably because you have too many friends in your top friends space with loooonnnngggg display names which has the effect of spreading the top friends space out of proportion in Firefox. This is an unavoidable issue because of the way Firefox handles word wrapping in table cells for loooonnnnggg unbroken strings of text. The only fix is to either rearrange your top friends list so that all your 'long-name' friends are in the same column or move some of those 'long-name' friends out of your top friends list altogether.
  9. I clicked on the 'Generate Code' button and nothing happened.

    First of all, I hope you realize that clicking on the 'Generate Code' button does not open up a new browser window (as you see with many other layout generators around the net). The generated DIV layout code will appear on the SAME PAGE as the layout generator itself. Just scroll the page down after clicking on the 'Generate Code' button and you'll see the code box.

    Secondly, if after clicking on the 'Generate Code' button, you scrolled down and still saw the 'NO CODE GENERATED YET (CLICK ON BUTTON ABOVE)...' message appearing in the code box then something in your browser settings is preventing the execution of Javascript. Try using a different web browser and see if the same thing happens. Believe me, all these layout generators have been tested six ways from Sunday in a Javascript debugger (Firebug) and have been verified perfectly compatible with Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Opera 9 and Safari 3 (Windows version).
  10. I posted a comment to your feedback page and there was a thingy that said it was waiting to be approved and when I came back later my post was gone. Did you delete it?

    Yes I did because it was obvious from what you wrote in your comment that you didn't read all of the above and/or you didn't read the feedback page posting guidelines.

    The bottom line is I'm busier than a rented donkey. Help me help you by reading the FAQ above and the feedback page guidelines before posting to the feedback page.

    Thank you.